What's SEKRAN?

SEKRAN is a "smart presentation" application that makes presentations in business and school life interactive and enables participants to be active in presentations.

1. Prepare Your Presentation

Prepare your presentation by adding text, images, videos, questions and brainstorming exercises.

2. Share PIN or QR

Share PIN, Link, or QR with Participants

3. Everyone is in the Presentation!

Now everyone participated in the presentation. Participants can follow the presentations and join in activities from their devices.


Students & Participants

can follow the presentations simultaneously from their own devices.

can answer questions individually.

can watch videos individually or together.

can brainstorm.

can easily take screenshot.

Teachers and Presenters

can control presentations on all devices.

can instantly write on the screen with Live Board.

can manage time more effectively by using Countdown Timer features.

can easily lock presentations at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

You do not need to install anything to use the application. SEKRAN, which is completely web-based, can be easily used from all devices by clicking the "Make a Presentation" button on the homepage.

SEKRAN application allows you to use text, image, video, question and brainstorming features.

It's ideal for anyone presenting - students, educators, business professionals.

Yes, in addition to desktop devices, you can use it on tablets and smartphones thanks to its mobile compatible design.

Live Board is a feature of SEKRAN that allows the texts you write on the screen and the pictures you add to be instantly sent to the participants' devices.

Contact Us

You can share with us all your suggestions, complaints and thoughts about SEKRAN.